VIP Experience

Set Phasers to Stunning!

VIP Experience at ITPalooza

The VIP Experience is designed for the executive who wants to visit ITPalooza but requires all the convenience of a white-glove service. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktail Reception. VIP’s will have the opportunity to meet and network with CIOs and Speakers at the VIP lunch and Cocktail Reception.

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Full-day agenda
  • Joint CIO / VIP Buffet Lunch with Guest Speaker
  • Reserved Seating at Keynote Addresses
  • All-Day VIP Lounge
  • 5 PM VIP Cocktail Reception
  • On-site parking for 3000 cars

Get on board the space elevator and enjoy our all-day VIP lounge, Breakfast, VIP-CIO Lunch and Exclusive Themed Cocktail Reception.

Good to Know! ITPalooza tickets are a really terrific value in their own right and especially so when put up against other content-centric events taking place in our region. Our VIP Tickets are competitively priced and including Breakfast, All-Day VIP Lounge, VIP-CIO lunch, Themed Cocktail Reception. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an event anywhere near our price with an all-day agenda. Especially when you factor in the level of content, and other benefits. How can we offer so much value? ITPalooza is a Not for profit, community-driven event that relies on sponsorship dollars and ticket sales to cover the event costs, including catering, venue, staging etc. This is your event, come along and enjoy it!

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