Anjali Leon
Pragmatic Project Leadership, Agile Coach and Consultant

Anjali is the owner and principal coach at Pragmatic Project Leadership LLC, a South Florida based boutique Agile Coaching, Training, and Consulting Practice, where she and her collaborators help organizations, teams, and individuals achieve outstanding results and successful outcomes. With two decades of prior technical and leadership experience in a variety of roles – including Lead Software Engineer and Director of Product Development, she brings a unique perspective to the delicate balance between flexibility and rigor necessary for organizations to operate with agility and thrive in the age of acceleration. Through her expertise and right touch, she has successfully enabled several organizations from Startups to Fortune 500s implement elegant and effective ways to manage work and engage people – with a focus on creating value and freeing every individual to discover their full potential. A lifelong learner, Anjali has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Drexel University, an Executive Certificate in Project Management from FAU, and numerous Agile and Project Management Certifications under her belt. She is the founder of South Florida Women in Agile and is actively involved in the Seeding Local Communities initiative of the national Women in Agile non-profit. She shares her enthusiasm and belief in an Agile way of thinking, working and living as an engaging speaker, community organizer, and mentor for Women in Agile and budding Agilists.

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