Tangy Frederick
Cre8tive Devs Software, Co-Founder & Software Engineer

Tangy Frederick: -
Tangy Frederick, is the Co-Founder & a Software Engineer at Cre8tive Devs Software. Tangy started a career a successful Lead Generation Marketer. While living in California she worked for “ Environment California”. Bringing awareness to other Californians. Showing them the actions that they take every day can impact the environment. Tangy was a self-taught programmer that worked on Websites for, family, friends, and clients. She eventually, took her passion as a self-taught programmer to the next level, by attending Broward College to obtain a degree in Software Development. In college she fell in love with programming languages like Java and C++, developing Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Websites building Databases and programming the Nao Robot. She and her team of Engineers develop Mobile Apps, Web Databases, Software for IoT, Websites and future technology to help clients bring their ideas to life. In 2017, Tangy was invited to attend the United Nations Headquarters in NY, for the “Commission on the Status of Women”. Before transitioning to become the Co-founder of a Software Company, she interned at The Urban League of Broward County, helping Entrepreneurship Center with their website. Working at ULBC, gave Tangy the support and the courage to start her own Software Company. To help business & to help improve the job market. She wanted to help individuals who are interested in programming. And wrote a book for Programmers titled, "The Journey Of A New Programmer" ( http://newbiescancode.com/). Which was released on Amazon in 2018. Her new book on leadership in technology will be released in late 2019. Her goal is to reach out to the community of Entrepreneurs and individuals. Encouraging them to become more involved in technology as leaders. While her company continues to develops software for Socially Conscious businesses.

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