Michael Scheidell
Security Privateers, Owner

Michael Scheidell: -
Michael is a nationally recognized Cybersecurity and privacy expert, and active community leader. He holds presentations and workshops at local Information Security groups to train and mentor the next generation of Cyber Security Professionals. Conceptualized a network security product and service, obtained a US patent (US7603711), raised $7.5M to create a Managed Network Security Service company that subsequently deployed the service to large multinational corporations in government, finance, critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and Healthcare to reduce their Information Security spend while decreasing their overall risk. Created a Cyber Security framework for Information Security audits that is known for its clear, concise actionable format. Strong history of Innovation: One of 5 international finalists for the EE Times ACE Innovator of the year award. Frequent conference speaker and subject matter expert in Information Security, Governance Risk, Compliance, and corporate privacy and has worked to secure US critical infrastructure such as Rail, Transportation and Utility companies. Certifications: CISSP, CRISC, CCISO, Senior Member IEEE – Computer Society, with over 25 years’ experience in Information Security, Team Building, Corporate Management, and Risk Management.

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