Mark Vollaro
Life MD, President and CEO

Mark Vollaro: -
Mark Vollaro is the current CEO/President of LifeMD, an end to end Telemedicine/Telehealth solution. He attended Florida Atlantic University majoring in Business Administration. Soon after college, he headed a large Debt Management Company (Debt Management Credit Counseling) to assist individuals with managing their debt. Because of his passion to help people, Mark went on to create his first startup company, Financial Capital Consultants Corp. Mark Created FCC with a vision, lots of passion, and a $5,000 investment from years of personal savings. Within 18 months Vollaro grew the company from 1 employee to 28 employees and 2700 clients. FCC was profitable within its first 90 days and grossed 1.5 million in its first year. In its second year, it grossed 2.6 million in revenue. It sustained its momentum for 5 total years with a very high client retention and success rate. FCC became a household name in the debt management industry. At the 5 year mark of FCC, Vollaro gained both an interest and passion for the health care industry. This leads him to create and build Complete Healthcare Concierge, which became his second startup company. CHC was created to provide convenient and affordable health care options for people seeking the option of having a low cost, convenient and quality healthcare provider available to them. One of these services provided by CHC was telemedicine. This service allowed physicians to consult with patients for common ailments such as cold, flu, sinus infection, etc. In CHC’s second year of existence, Mr. Vollaro saw that the telehealth industry was in need of expanding into more comprehensive care. This was the genesis of LifeMD. Mr. Vollaro had the vision to expand the current telemedicine program’s capabilities to facilitate more comprehensive telehealth evaluations by incorporating a hardware/software platform system. By incorporating FDA approved medical peripheral devices, physicians are now capable of performing up to a level 5 visit and maintain the same quality of care as a brick and mortar practice. LifeMD paved the way for more advanced care in schools like the Los Angeles Unified School District the 2nd largest schools district in the US, skilled nursing facilities, prisons, home health care facilities, etc. Mr. Vollaro has since been featured in numerous publications for his role in advancing telemedicine/telehealth in numerous sectors.

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