Jeff Koors
COFENSE, Scrum Master

Jeff Koors: - ACP, ACC,CSM
Jeff is not your typical process, business, and tech person. His career journey started with a focus in the fine arts. He brings creativity to the table in all aspects of his career, from the way he works with people and organizations to the way he solves problems. Aside from his creativity, he's a natural leader where he's led sports, business and engineering teams to incredible results, even during very difficult times. That unique blend of creativity, leadership and combine that with his strong sense of continuing education, and you have someone who has made a positive and valuable impact for each company, leadership team, organization various people he's either worked for or with. It also shows in his body of work as a trainer, keynote speaker, holistic systems improvement visionary, troubleshooter and especially in his strong belief to make sacrifices for the betterment of his team and company to achieve lofty goals. Jeff not only has served in various roles transforming and improving many major corporations, but he is also a leader for a global, virtual Agile meetup called Coaching Agile Journeys.

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