Dwight Goins
NEDD Tech/THOTH Speed Engineers, Chief Algorithms Officer

Dwight Goins: -
Dwight Goins is the Chief Algorithms Officer (CAO) and Lead Emerging Experiences Consultant at THOTH Speed Engineers located in Coral Springs, Florida. Dwight spends most of his time leading his team to implement Integration solutions using Azure and AWS. He's also built automated frameworks in Chef for DevOps teams with various clients. In his nightlife, he leads a group of ideologists, scientists, and developers towards creating that next AI, AR and VR medical based application that heralds in the future. He is also familiar with IoT, R and Machine Learning. His fascination, however, is with the emerging experience brand of 1-D and 3-D platforms such as bots (Conversation as a platform) and Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality using head-mounted displays such as HoloLens. Outside of Microsoft, believe it or not, he is an avid Linux User (Gentoo being his favorite distro), Open source contributor, as well as an InfoSec Secure Coding Instructor. Along with Open source development, he also mentors and teaches with the TEALs program. He maintains an active MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) license and holds the MCPD, MCSD certifications as well as a Certified Data Recovery Professional (CRDP) license. In his spare time, he finds a way to take care of his 3 beloved daughters, wife, and extended family by constantly keeping them entertained through traveling, and family fun.

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