Damian Montero
Vertical Bridge, Senior Solutions Developer

Damian Montero: -
I've been thrilled to be at the cutting edge of this exciting industry for the last 20 years. My beard isn't great just from age but also from experience. My team building skills are exceptional and you can see from my reviews that not only do I get things done, but also I get people motivated and make them feel as thrilled at the projects we work with as I am with everything I do. My 5 Hackathon wins have mainly been in teams, and it would be hard not to say that I am always leading the teams. The projects I work on are my passion. I am involved with every aspect and feel quality and time are equal in importance. (No sense getting something beautiful but being the 2nd one to market) I am always involved in all aspects of development from the back end to services to the front end. I have experience in all parts, and that is what makes me a great leader. I have worked on all platforms (web, desktop, and mobile) and enjoy them all. My goal is to release new products and to make existing products soar.

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