Start Time: 12/13/2018 11:00 AM, End Time: 12/13/2018 11:50 AM, Location: Room 220

Session Level: Intermediate

Target Audience:
Agile Project Managers and those interested in Agile

Session Summary:

With every great movement, there are pioneers, early adopters, and then the majority who follow their lead. The agile pioneers understood that agile is not a process change, nor a new SDLC to implement, but a whole new way to think and work while serving your customers. So why do most agile transformations focus on teaching frameworks, methods, laws, and practices? Join us to learn how to activate and encourage this way of thinking, often described as an agile or growth mindset, within yourself and your company before you begin the journey towards an agile workplace.

Presenter: Colleen Esposito - Assurant (Agile Coach)
About Colleen Esposito:
"Colleen Esposito believes that agile is changing the world for good and proud to be in the community making it happen. During the day she helps companies, and the people in them, realize their full potential, meeting them where they are, inviting them to experiment with agile practices while they e...  Read More

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