Start Time: 12/13/2018 02:00 PM, End Time: 12/13/2018 02:50 PM, Location: Stage 2

Session Level: Open

Target Audience:

Session Summary:

Founder, DevOps.com and Co-Founder DevOps Institute, Alan Shimel, leads a panel of SoFlo DevOps experts.

Presenter: Alan Shimel - DevOps (Founder, DevOps.com Co-Founder DevOps Institute)
About Alan Shimel:
Alan is the founders of DevOps.com where he serves as editor-in-chief. DevOps.com is where the world meets DevOps. It is the largest collection of original content relating to DevOps on the webs today Featuring up to the minute news, feature stories, blogs, by lined articles and more, DevOps.com is...  Read More
About Dave Shanker:
Dave Shanker is the Director of Platform Engineering at Kinect Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to helping enterprise teams reduce time-to-market, overall cost, & learning curve around developing for the cloud.   His clients have included: World Fuel Services, a Fortune 100 energy who...  Read More
About David Koppe:
David Koppe is the Director of Information Strategy at MongoDB for the Eastern region. The Information Strategy group is a specialized team within MongoDB, focused on helping companies derive business value by using the capabilities offered by MongoDB and the surrounding ecosystem. Legacy Moderniza...  Read More
About Jayne Groll:
Jayne Groll is a co-founder and Board Member of the DevOps Institute (DOI). DOI’s goal is help codify DevOps emerging practices and to set the standard in enterprise DevOps training and certification. ayne is also President of ITSM Academy, an IT training company. Jayne carries many IT credent...  Read More

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