Start Time: 12/13/2018 01:00 PM, End Time: 12/13/2018 01:50 PM, Location: Room 220

Session Level: Intermediate

Target Audience:
Agile Project Managers and those interested in Agile

Session Summary:

“I’ll bet at one point you have thought, “the writer of the Dilbert cartoon must be an employee of our company”. No matter what company you are in, these all-too-common issues surface in almost comical fashion. According to Harvard Business Review (March 22, 2018), “Survey Data Shows That Many Companies Are Still Not Agile”. McKinsey Experts state that 70% of transformation programs fail.

Nearly all Agile failures can be traced back to one of Jean Tabaka’s 12 Agile Adoption Failure Modes, yet the approach to Agile Adoption and Transformation isn’t to learn from these failure modes or to avoid getting into them, to rather put the focus on honoring the manifesto’s values and principles or to follow some of the established industry frameworks in a very utopian perspective. Let’s not become the Dilbert cartoon by learning how to avoid evolving into it.

The audience will gain tips to avoid the pitfalls others experience, understand how a prescription can help treat a diagnosis and through use of analogy will see how the application of a framework is a lot like following a technical illustration manual to build something like a desk, swing set or entertainment center. It is also good to have a goal of what we aspire “not to be” when approaching an Agile culture change.”

Presenter: Jeff Koors - COFENSE (Scrum Master)
About Jeff Koors:
Jeff is not your typical process, business, and tech person. His career journey started with a focus in the fine arts. He brings creativity to the table in all aspects of his career, from the way he works with people and organizations to the way he solves problems. Aside from his creativity, he's ...  Read More

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