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“A view from the C-Suite: An insider threat case study”

Gary Berman, CEO, Cyberman Security, LLC

A view from the C-Suite: An insider threat case study

According to Time Magazine’s Cyber Security Report and meta-analysis, “businesses will have lost $400 billion to hackers in 2018”. Understandably, enterprises take this external threat seriously and according to Gartner, “worldwide cybersecurity spending will have reached $96 billion in 2018”. However, there is not much known about INTERNAL THREATS, because one voice that is seldom heard from is that of the victim due to repetitional risk, negative impact on stock price, declining employee morale and a host of other negative consequences including that 60% of Small-Medium Sized Businesses close their doors within six months after suffering a hacking attack. Until now!

About Gary Berman

Gary is the CEO of Cyberman Security and refers to himself as, “the most reluctant cyber security person in the world” given that his 25-year career has been as a thought leader in marketing communications in general and in market segmentation in particular. Until recently, he knew very little about technology and even less about cyber security, but everything about the devastating effects of being the CEO of a company that was victimized by a persistent series of insider attacks.


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